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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tech Tuesday - You Tube with the man behind Family Historian software

As I've mentioned in a previous post I use Family Historian and have done since version 2.

Recently Simon Orde - the man behind Family Historian - was interviewed at RootsTech by Jill Ball and the video can be found below on You Tube.

If you'd like to find out a bit more about it I also found a great overview video of the product and I can definitely say that it does all the things it says in this video

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Tech Tuesday - How I collect and analyse data for my One Name Study

I'm always interested in how people actually "do" their One Name Study on a practical level. My study is still in it's infancy so I've had quite a haphazard approach.

Recently I sat down and decided on a more structured plan of attack.

I knew that I wanted to collect some data, store the data somewhere and then start to group the individuals named in the data into families. Ultimately the goal would be to work out if everyone is related but that's a long way in the future.

As my first mission I decided that I wanted to collect all references to TILL?N and TILLING from the England Censuses 1841-1911 and the England and Wales Births, Marriages and Deaths Indices. I used Ancestry as the source as this is the website that I currently have a subscription to - ultimately I think I'd like to cross-reference with other sources (e.g. FindMyPast) to try and negate any transcribing errors.

To collect my data I used Outwit Hub. This scrapes the data from the internet and turns it into a csv or excel file.

I uploaded the output files into Custodian, which is database software written specifically for family history. This generates a Name Index where the references are consolidated allowing me to see all links to a particular name.

I already have some information in Family Historian so I've begun the process of going through each TILL?N and TILLING individual and allocating a personal and family reference to each record I now hold in Custodian. This is slow going but it's already shown me where I've missed people and is generating a new research list.

Once I've gone through the individuals I've already got in Family Historian I'll start to try and group the other individuals recorded in Custodian.

Already I've spotted where I've got unallocated records.

The picture above shows the name index filtered for everyone in my records with a forename starting Charles and the surname recorded as Tillin. From here i can start to group records together and spot records I've not allocated to people.

I'm looking forward to starting to fill in some gaps even though this will be a long process.

How do you conduct your One Name Study? Any tips? Do you use any of these programs?

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

TILLINs in the Births Index 1837-1915

I have been making a start on the data for my One Name Study.

I've now transcribed properly all the TILLINs in the birth indices from 1837 to 1915 (transcribed by FreeBMD but accessed via I've also transcribed any TILLINGs and TILLENs if they appeared on the same page as I think they are common misspellings or possible derivatives. I will need to come back to this record set at some point to make sure I've transcribed all the people who have a mother with TILLIN as their maiden name.

It's been quite satisfying to realise that I already had records of most of them - maybe from a census - but it feels good to have a proper list.

The next record set I'm going to tackle is the Births Indices for 1916-2005. These will take longer due to the maiden names.

I am adding each record to my Family Historian tree and allocating a Custom ID to each individual so that I can hopefully tie up individuals over time. Do you have a Custom ID method? Where do you keep your records? How do you collect data from Record Sets?

Monday, 23 February 2009

To Do List

So, now I need to come up with a list of tasks.

1. Look up relatives on Ireland Civil Registration Indexes 1845 - 1958 at FamilySearch.

2. Work out how to get certificates for Irish Births, Marriages and Deaths.

3. Get Family Historian v4 as soon as it comes out in March then use it to make sure all the information is sourced properly.

4. Add the direct line families to my binder for both lines.

5. Go through the box of bits from my mum and scan in anything interesting.

6. Look into the common places for each surname.

7. Find out about the jobs that people did.

8. Investigate any military connections.

9. Start proper lists of certificates to apply for, documents to find, questions to ask, places to visit

10. Find out what resources are available at the local library

11. Volunteer for some sort of transcribing programme or local society.

These are in no particular order but should serve as a bit of a reminder when I'm coming back to it. Time is always the thing I run out of first as it's tricky to do much research when you're looking after 2 children under 3!!

Friday, 20 February 2009

Software - Family Historian

For my research to date I've been using a software programme called Family Historian.

This software is easy to use and has many interesting charting features. I'm now starting to use its query tool more but this is not very straightforward. It's been great to have a way of linking my source photos and documents to individuals.

There will be a new version coming out soon and I'm hoping that it has some improvements in the reporting and web section.

I've found the Family Historian User Group very useful when trying to pick up tips and ideas.